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Ngare Ndare

Ngare Ndare

Ngare Ndare

Ngare Ndare , ,


Located on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya ,Ngare Ndare Forest is a lush indigenous forest at the foothills of Mt. Kenya. Ngare Ndare boosts a half a kilometre canopy walkway .

Azure pools glisten at the bottom of waterfalls and 200 year old trees stretch into the canopy supporting a rich variety of bird and animal life. The forest is a vital corridor that links the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to Mount Kenya, and one which elephants have been using for centuries.

Activities you can do at Ngare Ndare 

  • Zip-lining 
  • Canopy walk 
  • Bird watching and Game viewing 
  • Swimming in the nature
  • Blue pools and waterfalls 

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