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The Island In Kenya

The Island In Kenya

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On the remote Mfangano Island, shaded by giant fig trees, in the second largest fresh water lake in the world – Lake Victoria, you will find Mfangano Island Camp. Right on the shores of a secluded bay, surrounded by rock gardens and tropical flower beds, this cosy and tranquil retreat is like no other. Exuding a natural romantic charm, the camp is ideal for a romantic getaway or perfect for a bit of self indulgence at the end of your safari. Despite this, there is no lack of adventure on the island.

Relax in the swimming pool made from natural stone overlooking Lake Victoria, listen to the waves lapping on the shore and watch the giant monitor lizards basking in the midday sun. 

The peace in the resort is magnified by the fact there is only one road on the island and virtually no vehicles, transport here is mainly by local, colourful canoe!


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