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Unique Hidden Gems in Kenya you need to visit

Unique Hidden Gems in Kenya you need to visit

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Hidden Gems in Kenya – Saiwa Swamp National Park.

Kenya home for magic nature and exotic and exotic wildlife. Parks in both big size and small size  with beautiful and unique sceneries 

Saiwa National park is one of the hidden gems in Kenya you should visit.  Despite it being the smallest national park in the country ,it is worldly known for its rare SITATUNGA ANTELOPES.

The best part about this park is where the expeditions is self- guided and you discover everything on your own terms .The park is so quite and on a majority of times you are almost always alone and you just imagine taking a stroll down the nature trails and the melodies of a variety of birdlife keeping your company as you explore the park.

In the park you will come across beautiful colored Colobus Monkeys playing tree to tree as well as the expressive vervet monkeys as you walk down the park.

For the bird lovers , you will have a time of your lifetime as there are hundreds of species of birds in the park with one most seen Grey -Crowned crane among st other smaller birds chirping in the park.

And to crown it all ,the most looked out and awaited spot of the visit to the park is to see the rare sitatunga a specie of the antelope family which is inherently shy and needs a  watchful eye in order to catch  glimpse of it , is the famed “Swamp star” the remarkable and rare Sitatunga, a species of antelope that prefer a habitat in the swamp life.  To be able to see this rare animal you need to visit the park on the early morning hours or late in the evening with a lot of patience and silence. In the park to there are close to 5 watching towers  that gives  you an aerial birds view of the swamp and this ensures that nothing will pass your eye.

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